I got invited by Lichter Filmfest in Frankfurt to do an installaformance in the inner city for their Streetview thing. I sent them a nifty mockup Gif:

Gazillion Gazebo

An audio-visal live performance/installation loosely based on the overflow of information encountered in an urban environment. Operating a laboratory of Warstware (circuit bent video and sound equipment), Simon Schäfer alias der Warst transforms a customary gazebo into both an immersive environment and a vibrant public sculpture.

Here’s a video of what it turned out like:

What it looked like in the end was quite close to how I imagined it. The only thing that neither me, nor the organisers took into account was that it would be craaaaaaazy cold outside. Well, it was mid – end March, so in retrospect it really makes me wonder what we were expecting.
For the next day we decided to bring everything to an inside location for the second night. Which kind of defied the idea, because it happened in a space where the whole glowing-cube-thing didn’t work nearly as nicely as on the outside, but it was a lot more bearable in terms of not freezing my limbs off one by one. And in the end, a few people actually saw it.