I'm outta here

Dear London friends,

I've mentioned it earlier, so I guess some of you are aware that I am leaving London for good quite soon. Right now, I'm planning my leaving party.

Which is going to happen on 4/4/14 at my home.

Obviously, this is a big thing for me. I would like to celebrate the time I spent here with the people I spent it with. So if you ever thought about me as someone you enjoyed having met, please consider coming. Oh, and please bring your nice friends and drinks, too.

If the weather works in our favour, we're gonna meet in the afternoon to do a nice bbq in Burgess Park, where we'll stay until we feel like going over to my place which is just around the corner. There, we shall drink alcoholic beverages and such, talk to each other, and have one nice time together. I'm not super fussed about the music. Please bring your songs, so we can either dance or sit around listening to them.

There's probably gonna be some kind of live multimedia extravaganza. Not quite sure how exactly.

Just two things:

1: It is gonna be in South London. Crossing a river doesn't hurt nearly as much as you'd imagine it would. I do it on a daily basis. Also, not being able to do so doesn't count as a valid excuse for not showing up. There's enough space to stay the night. 2: Don't click the 'join' button unless you are at least 95% sure you're gonna show up. For some weird reason, I tend to expect people who say they'll come to actually do so. Please don't disappoint me needlessly.

And another thing:

I'm quite broke and the whole moving thing is gonna eat up a significant amount of money. I was first thinking of organising some kind of a more 'event-ish' fundraiser benefit whatever with an entry fee and sold drinks, but then I decided that the stress of organising such a thing in combination with the moving preparations would probably give me at least a minor nervous breakdown, so no. I would very much appreciate if you'd consider buying some of the cool stuff that I'm thinking of selling:

Like a roll of my 'der Warst' sticky tape.

Or some really cool handmade Glow in the Dark der Warst T-shirts. (mostly small sizes left, though...)

I might make some kind of super special edition CD until then, as well.

I'll have a Look around what else I can find...

I'd also be open for donations, if you don't want any of my stuff...

So yeah, Love, Simon



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2014: lots to do

So here's my stuff for the new year: My new years eve has been great thanks to the wonderful people I was surrounded with.

2014 will be a year of many things.

There are some things in the near future that I would like to announce:

First of all: I am going to spend my february doing a residency with Rob Bellman at the Platform 1 gallery at the Wandsworth Common Train Station. He keeps bombarding me with his ideas and I have a few of my own plans, so this will be quite something.

This will also be one of my last big moves in London before I leave for good. Which I am planning to do some time around March. It has been an inspiring and exciting place to live in, but our relationship has been a bit strained in the last year, So I'm looking forward to some change in my life. I've met quite a few very lovely people around here whom I would like to meet again before I leave. I'm sure that's gonna happen in some way or another. I guess the very last Big Thing is gonna be an event that I want to organise at some point to pay respect to this wonderful city and I will let you know in time when and where it's gonna happen.

Apart from that, I realised that released something like an 'Album' is quite a while ago. I need to get some of that shit out!

There's quite a bit of chiptune material as well as some other random recordings that neeed to go out. I definitely want to record at least one noise Album and the pop album has also been on the list for ages.

Also, I'm making all these funky gif animations that I want to present in one way or another at some point and blablabla...

Yeah, lots to do.
I'm looking forward to this year.



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Noise=Noise 25.01.

[Description] noise=noise http://nnnnn.org.uk/ !noise=noise


[[ time to shake out the daemons ]]

STORMFIELD > http://www.combatrecordings.com/clan/stormfield

JOSE MACABRA > https://soundcloud.com/josemacabra

SIMON WHETHAM > http://www.simonwhetham.co.uk/

MECHA/ORGA > http://mechaorga.wordpress.com/

DER WARST > http://www.der-warst.de/

CRAZY GEORGE > http://www.instructables.com/member/crazyg/

Saturday 25th January 2014 8pm - ???? £5/donation - rough bar

Unit 30 (3rd floor), Cremer Business Center, 37 Cremer Street, E2 8HD




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Remember where you've seen it first when everyone does it next year.


2014 Ernst Markus Stein, Simon Schäfer.



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In September, Jos asked me to come along to the Schmiede in Hallein, Austria. The whole event was an extraordinary experience and would be enough for something like 5 Posts here, but as usually, I was waaay too busy to post anything. It always makes me wonder how the hell people manage to have their documentation up 5 minutes after they've done something, but since all the creativity lifestyle guides on The Internet constantly advise me to not compare myself with others, I will stop pondering on the issue now.

Thing is: I played a gig there which was an awful lot of fun. Later people told me it was a bit too loud, but the place had the weirdest acoustics and there was no technician to take care of the sound, blablabla, whatever.
Fortunately, Jos and Anselm agreed to film the whole gig, and even more important, edit the footage afterwards.

Jos made a short clip of one of the 'songs', which I decided to call Borkage:

Anselm edited the whole thing into a 55 minute concert film:

I love how both managed to decently capture the intensity and randomness of what is der Warst.

Uh, Yeah, great stuff guys. Thanks a lot.



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Playing at Power Lunches on Sunday

6 o'clock
446 Kingsland Road
E8 4AE

DER WARST --yeeahhh ... Circuit bending / audio / visual madness ... LIVELIVE ... http://www.der-warst.de/seiten/musik.html

the mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty Deux Boules Vanille (fr) are touring and we couldn't let em slip past London without stopping them and forcing them to play some of their fine music .... 2 piece, drums and triggers and synths, etc and whatevs - come and explore these with us!! http://www.2boulesvanille.com/

ctcvn - us, making loud obnoxious noise with electrical apparatus, 2 drums (1 elec/1 beast) vocals of joy and splendour, we wanna play, so we will ... https://www.facebook.com/ctcvn?fref=ts

The Dust Museum Of Joy - 2 piece, epic hypnotic drone masters ... known about them for quite some time, but only managed to catch them at noise=noise a couple of months back!! ... yes yess and of course yeessir. http://www.robface.com/tdmoj.html

maybe another act, maybe not ... all money goes to the noise makers, aside from us, cos you know, that would be naughty ... £3 entry // decent underground, bunker-ish type settings, piss over saturday and wreak it out on sunday with ussss!! ...



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So oder so

Kreisgedenk, In sich einkriechend:

Ortlos Menschdreck,
Notwort Ohrlos,

Lächel gefälligst!



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Artist House in Brixton

Aaargh! Apart from being filled up with lots and lots of things, my life is incredibly messy at the moment. The only place I can currently call a 'home' is extremely unstable and I am growing tired of it.

Still, there's quite a bit of nice stuff happening that I consider myself happy to be a part of.

For instance, I have a few small and playful sculptures in a very nice show in Brixton at the moment. I failed at writing about it earlier because I didn't have much internet access for the last few weeks. Oh well.



Emma Alonze, Rob Bellman, Luke Burton, Rose Gibbs, Aidan O'Sullivan, Alexander Page, Nick Pankhurst, Simon Schafer, Nadia Visram. In a former studio and chapel in Herne Hill a disparate group, some of whom share a studio, will exhibit their work. From 7pm 14th November - 21st November 10am - 5pm.

39 Herne Place, London, SE24 0EN

Artist House2



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Bis einer heult.

Finally here's some documentation for my most recent art endeavour. I have a piece in this show 'Batman Elektronik' in Berlin right now. After not having had anything sculptural out for more than a year, this feels a bit like a comeback thing.

Bis einer heult

I'm not sure how and when I got inspired to build something out of inflatable weapons, but once I had them, I instantly felt the old love of materials and working with space again.

Inflatable Weapons

Also, my housemates were delighted when the first batch arrived:

I was surprised by how easy it actually was to glue those things together, but I didn't expect them to be made that badly. Over the course of building the sculpture, more or less every time I inflated it, I had to discover another seam that had cracked. A main offender was the gun I found this bizarre review for:

Instead of being 'pretty cool' as the lady here keeps insisting, this peace of shit had its seams ripping apart in different places at least 6-7 times, and of course it wasn't the only one doing that. Which meant that the sculpture most of the time deflated within minutes after being pumped up regardless of how many patches I'd already put on.

I thought of finding some automated solution for inflating it, but after some fruitless efforts of trying to find a strong enough electric pump, I decided to just do it by hand around every half hour during the private view. So if you happen to be in Berlin some time between now and the 19th of January, you're either gonna have to ask the gallery staff to inflate it for you or even better, do it yourself, to see it in all its glory...



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