Gl0tchc0ns0les – PS2

In 2007, I did my minor Diploma in Media Art (or “electronic image”, as it was called then) at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach, by circuit bending a bunch of Super Nintendos, building them into glitchmachines to add some used for live visuals to fittingly accompany my already glitchy music. Since then, bending video gear has been a thing I came back to every once in a while to “update” the aesthetics of my A/V shows and stuff, but I concentrated more on video editing equipment and video converters instead of gaming consoles. Although being interested in the culture, I never considered myself much of a gamer and apart from several handheld systems which I mostly used for producing music, I never really had any consoles at home. At the same time, I got really bored of live sets that often felt like just pressing the [Start] button of my Game Boy several times during the course of a gig, listening to the same old songs over and over. Also, I slowly drifted away from the whole chiptune-and-blocky-pixels-aesthetics, which at times, seemed to be a bit too much about nostalgia for my liking.

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