used universe

used universe

3 – dimensional drawings. Settings for the films in your head. paper maché, cardboard, wood, […]



playing my very own game of domino dominos, wooden sticks, cables, acrylic paint 2004

hortus conclusus

hortus conclusus

Built as a commission for the 3rd regional gardening show in Bad Wildungen. A discourse […]

Bibliothek Übersicht


Books are made of wood.


S0 (Power Room)

My my major practice Diploma at HfG Offenbach. Sacred and mundane. The multisocket extension cables […]



Klickibunti and the ugliest in webdesign. First webmaze, abandoned in favour of atmer. Might be […]



Atmer is a website I started in 2010 to teach myself html and css3. It […]



I was sitting inside a plinth, painting an ever evolving picture with a Tiger electronics […]

Low Noise Lurkers

The show happened in an old victorian house which was converted into a showroom for […]


My work at the RCA Interim show.

Tne nPad

Imagine the world would be made of one single letter… This was one rather silly […]

21st Century Digital Boy

Show at RCA sculpture project space 9|3|2011 Obsolete technologies in improvised structures providing insights and […]


My degree show at the Royal College of Art in London.

ftw wtf


FTW today commonly stands for “For the Win”. It is an expression of enthusiasm. “FTW” […]

smokin' in space

Space ‘n’ Stuff

This event marked the first(ish) outing in a successful row of collaborations with my good […]

Lebende Karaoke

I made a Karaore video for my song “Lebende”. It was meant for a thing […]

Gazillion Gazebo

Gazillion Gazebo

I got invited by Lichter Filmfest in Frankfurt to do an installaformance in the inner […]

bis einer heult

Bis einer heult

Just play with it

Just play with it

Seydisfjord Festival Kids Day. Some amazing kids from Seydisfjordur came over to the residency to […]


Fuge || Fuge

Die großartige Cornelia Böhnisch lud mich ein, sie bei der Entwicklung des Stücks Fuge/Fuge am […]

Demented Reality 1

Demented Reality Device 1

This was the first Demented Reality-Device I built. I first had the idea of videogoggles, […]

Parallelwelpen Populär

This was the first half of the ResidenceSEA in Heraklion, Crete. I had the pleasure […]

Solo Pizzaiolo

This was the second half of the ResidenceSEA in Heraklion on Crete. In the night […]

The Queens of Flop

Queens of Flop

Rob Bellman invited me to come visit him in Norwich for a weekend. I was […]

Riesenmonster zerstören die Stadt!

Giant Monsters destroy the city

This was the third collaboration I did with Rob Bellman in 2018. He came to […]

When Humans roamed the Planet

Do rember Human?Human was Two leg had Thumb. Talk Smart Smmaaaaart aaaarrrr!Know aall Do aall […]

Cry a little harder

cry a little harder let your body smileBe yourself, just betterShow us all you got […]

Demented reality

Demented Reality Research

Demented Reality ist eine Sache!