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A proposal

A score has been created by means of a website running a srcipt that slowly scrolls through a random succession of [Emoticons] and [Volume Up] Symbols.

1st act: Before

Several [Discarded But Working] laptops are arranged on tables across a room in a fashion resembling a [Co-Working Environment]. Each Computer is connected to a dedicated [Amplification device]. These can be e.g. old stereo systems or radios with auxilliary inputs, preferably also [E-Waste]. Each of these devices should have a volume dial and be capable of producing a significant amount of volume.
Each computer runs the score in full sreen mode.

The arrangement is presented as a [Media Art Installation].

2nd act: Work!

A [Co-worker] is chosen from the audience assigned for each of the laptops. They are instructed to create highly individual playlists of youtube videos that should correspond to a list of [Emoticons] handed to them. They can be as literal or abstract as they want with their choices of videos and how they fit the [Emoticons]. Also, they are instructed to pick one [Laptop destruction video] corresponding to the brand of their computer.

The [Co-Workers] are instructed to follow the score on their screens by playing the videos they chose corresponding to the displayed [Emoticons]. If the [Emoticon] is displayed longer than the runtime of the video, they either repeat it or leave it off for the rest of the duration. When the video is longer, they either stop the old video or run the new video in addition to it.

Whenever a [Volume up] symbol appears in the score, the [Co-workers] turn up the Volume of their [Amplification Device] by one increment, starting with 0.

They follow the score, playing their videos and increasing their volume until their [Amplification Device] is at its loudest. The next time [Volume up] appears again, they disregard the score, starting their [Laptop destruction video] in addition to whatever was running, memorising the shown procedure. Then they proceed to destroy their Laptop as instructed by the video. If this is not possible, e.g. because of missing tools, they are allowed to improvise. Once their computer is sufficiently demolished, the [Co-workers] may leave the [Co-working space]

3rd act: After

The arrangement is presented as a [Media Art Installation].