Space ‘n’ Stuff

This event marked the first(ish) outing in a successful row of collaborations with my good friend and artist Rob Bellman. We met studying at the Royal College of Art in London and realised that artistically, while not exactly being on the same planet, we were in one universe, so to say. We shared quite a bit of time and thoughts and eventually decided to do a “Thing” together. Neither of us really knew what it would be like, but we very quickly decided we should be traveling to space.

So one day, we took over the sculpture departments’ common room and had a lift-off. We successfully subjugated the evil green and grey four-legged aliens, planted our flag in moonrock and built a communication device over the barren wastelands of this foreign planet. There was a steady, yet heavily distorted live-transmission to the control center and my computer terminal acted as a window to the vast emptiness in between the stars. When we were done with all the good work, we celebrated our victory smoking big cigarettes, which didn’t even make any sense back then, but in my maybe not so humble opinion, we looked amazing doing it.

After we were done smoking, we had a beer and watched The American Astronaut by Cory McAbee. Then, we took the whole thing down again because we were able to save the common room only for a day and a half and Mark Davey was a bit anxious we wouldn’t get our mess out in time for his symposium to happen the following day.