When Humans roamed the Planet

Do rember Human?
Human was Two leg had Thumb. Talk Smart Smmaaaaart aaaarrrr!
Know aall Do aall Use allllll!
Make thing all thing Human Thing!
Blinky shiny thing thing!
Live in Box Alll in Box. More BoxBox best Human.
Human strongg have Power! Most Power Of All!
More Power More Human!

Temporarily frozen in a cryogenic sleep vitrine, the last/first human is there for the others to entertain. He comes out at times, roaming his chipwood wallpaper cave, presenting his odd behavioural patterns derived from civilisational leftovers and DVDs of questionable content. He does the human things. He hunts, he kills, he shouts like a fucking idiot, washes off the blood and goes back to sleep.

An Installaformance about extinction and survival and human things. It was part of the Show “Hungry Dungeon Friends” at Kunstkraftwerk in Leipzig, organised by Pilotenküche.