Artist House in Brixton

Simon Says

Aaargh! Apart from being filled up with lots and lots of things, my life is incredibly messy at the moment. The only place I can currently call a ‚home‘ is extremely unstable and I am growing tired of it.

Still, there’s quite a bit of nice stuff happening that I consider myself happy to be a part of.

For instance, I have a few small and playful sculptures in a very nice show in Brixton at the moment. I failed at writing about it earlier because I didn’t have much internet access for the last few weeks. Oh well.



Emma Alonze, Rob Bellman, Luke Burton, Rose Gibbs, Aidan O’Sullivan, Alexander Page, Nick Pankhurst, Simon Schafer, Nadia Visram. In a former studio and chapel in Herne Hill a disparate group, some of whom share a studio, will exhibit their work. From 7pm 14th November – 21st November 10am – 5pm.

39 Herne Place, London, SE24 0EN

Artist House2