ZiMMT e.V. Crowdfunding


Das ZiMMT ist in der vorderen Halle des Kontor 80 in Leipzig, in dem sich auch mein Atelier befindet. Jedesmal, wenn ich da vorbeikomme, sind die Leute fett am Schaffen und das find ich ziemlich geilo!

Heute haben sie das Crowdfunding für das ZiMMT gestartet. Um es offiziell als Veranstaltungs- und Produktionsort öffnen zu können, muss die alte Krahnhalle eine letzte Prüfung bestehen: den Brandschutz! Dafür benötigen sie 25.000€ für Gutachten, Architekten und nötige Umbaumaßnahmen und sind auf Unterstützung angewiesen!

ZiMMT crowdfunding
ooh, die sind ja süß.

Über Support freuen sie sich, also dachte ich mir, ich teil das hier.


Ich wünsche viel Glück, Leipzig braucht auf jeden Fall solche Initiativen.

2014: lots to do

Art, Gigs, Random, Simon Says

So here’s my stuff for the new year:
My new years eve has been great thanks to the wonderful people I was surrounded with.

2014 will be a year of many things.

There are some things in the near future that I would like to announce:

First of all: I am going to spend my february doing a residency with Rob Bellman at the Platform 1 gallery at the Wandsworth Common Train Station. He keeps bombarding me with his ideas and I have a few of my own plans, so this will be quite something.

This will also be one of my last big moves in London before I leave for good. Which I am planning to do some time around March. It has been an inspiring and exciting place to live in, but our relationship has been a bit strained in the last year, So I’m looking forward to some change in my life. I’ve met quite a few very lovely people around here whom I would like to meet again before I leave. I’m sure that’s gonna happen in some way or another.
I guess the very last Big Thing is gonna be an event that I want to organise at some point to pay respect to this wonderful city and I will let you know in time when and where it’s gonna happen.

Apart from that, I realised that released something like an ‚Album‘ is quite a while ago. I need to get some of that shit out!

There’s quite a bit of chiptune material as well as some other random recordings that neeed to go out. I definitely want to record at least one noise Album and the pop album has also been on the list for ages.

Also, I’m making all these funky gif animations that I want to present in one way or another at some point and blablabla…

Yeah, lots to do.

I’m looking forward to this year.