Und dann morgen (Mittwoch) noch eins:

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Spontan ergab sich dann noch eine weitere Station in Wien:

LIVE-FILMVERTONUNG von der Warst (Berlin)

Stummfilme sind nicht einfach stumm, sie wurden bei uns durch Live-Musik untermalt. Damit ist der Stummfilm eine eigenständige Kunstform, die Film und Konzert vereint. Simon Schäfer (der Warst) begleitet Im Bioskop am Mittwoch, 10. September 2014 um 21:00 Uhr alte Filme mit neuer Musik.

Aelita – Queen of Mars (1924)

(Russian Science-Fiction Film English Intertitles)

Directed By Yakov Protozoan

Written By Aleksei Fajko and Fyodor Otsep

Based On A Play By Aleksei Tolstoy

Communication (1928)

Producer: DeVry School Films, Inc.

Interested animated instructional film detailing electronic communications in the early part of the century.
Interestingly enough, the popular vocational school DeVry claims that they began as a school in 1931, with no mention of the production of these informational films as early as (in the case of this film) 1928.


23. Mai Bended Realities Offenbach

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Diesen Freitag Abend also ergibt es sich, dass anlässlich des dort stattfindenden Bended Realities Festivals ich in Offenbach im Waggon nun mal wieder mich finden werde.

Dort werde ich ausnahmsweise mal nicht alleine, sondern mit dem freundlichen Herrn Inox Kapell zusammen musizieren. Ich empfehle zahlreiches Erscheinen.

This Friday, I will play at the Bended Realities Festival at the Waggon in Offenbach. And it is with a significant amount of pleasure to announce that I will be playing with my longtime friend and musical collaborator Inox Kapell!

Please come and tell your Friends.

Bended Realities

Paris: Noise, crack & autres cajoleries

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Aujourd’hui. Free.

Apéros tartares et bucolisme.

Der Warst ( berlin )

musique électronique de Hesse. d‘ Hesse.

dandy à facettes accidentées – robot et effets détournés.



Cracked Movies ( noland )

Rayonnements électriques aux couleurs saturées à déviations de vitesses sonores. Nuage sonore épileptique.


No Tatras ex summer ( aubervilliers )

défilé volant de touches Juno 1 et sifflets gris
couleurs de montagnes et plâtrière. Vents et rencontres.


Zero Point ( bagnolet )

“ Le Rove Cali Oakland „

live audio streaming mix from worldwide open microphones


L‘ amicale d‘ Offenbach.


left London

Gigs, Simon Says

I played a last official/inoficcial gig at ‚eXperimental electronics‘ in the Castle in London. I was not on the Setlist and blagged my way in. I had only one instrument, my trusty ZOOOM SOS. Lara gave me 10 minutes, I made good use of them, even if I started playing during the cigarette break to a pretty empty room.

Tim Drage filmed it which I am very grateful for.

2014: lots to do

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So here’s my stuff for the new year:
My new years eve has been great thanks to the wonderful people I was surrounded with.

2014 will be a year of many things.

There are some things in the near future that I would like to announce:

First of all: I am going to spend my february doing a residency with Rob Bellman at the Platform 1 gallery at the Wandsworth Common Train Station. He keeps bombarding me with his ideas and I have a few of my own plans, so this will be quite something.

This will also be one of my last big moves in London before I leave for good. Which I am planning to do some time around March. It has been an inspiring and exciting place to live in, but our relationship has been a bit strained in the last year, So I’m looking forward to some change in my life. I’ve met quite a few very lovely people around here whom I would like to meet again before I leave. I’m sure that’s gonna happen in some way or another.
I guess the very last Big Thing is gonna be an event that I want to organise at some point to pay respect to this wonderful city and I will let you know in time when and where it’s gonna happen.

Apart from that, I realised that released something like an ‚Album‘ is quite a while ago. I need to get some of that shit out!

There’s quite a bit of chiptune material as well as some other random recordings that neeed to go out. I definitely want to record at least one noise Album and the pop album has also been on the list for ages.

Also, I’m making all these funky gif animations that I want to present in one way or another at some point and blablabla…

Yeah, lots to do.

I’m looking forward to this year.

Noise=Noise 25.01.

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[[ time to shake out the daemons ]]







Saturday 25th January 2014
8pm – ????
£5/donation – rough bar

Unit 30 (3rd floor), Cremer Business Center, 37 Cremer Street, E2 8HD


Playing at Power Lunches on Sunday

Gigs, Simon Says


6 o’clock


446 Kingsland Road


E8 4AE

DER WARST –yeeahhh … Circuit bending / audio / visual madness … LIVELIVE …

the mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty Deux Boules Vanille (fr) are touring and we couldn’t let em slip past London without stopping them and forcing them to play some of their fine music …. 2 piece, drums and triggers and synths, etc and whatevs – come and explore these with us!!

ctcvn – us, making loud obnoxious noise with electrical apparatus, 2 drums (1 elec/1 beast) vocals of joy and splendour, we wanna play, so we will …

The Dust Museum Of Joy – 2 piece, epic hypnotic drone masters … known about them for quite some time, but only managed to catch them at noise=noise a couple of months back!! … yes yess and of course yeessir.

maybe another act, maybe not … all money goes to the noise makers, aside from us, cos you know, that would be naughty … £3 entry // decent underground, bunker-ish type settings, piss over saturday and wreak it out on sunday with ussss!! …

tonight at URBAN SPREE

Gigs, Simon Says

Liebe Berliner Friends,

Es hat sich ergeben, dass ich heute abend spontan bei einer Veranstaltung im URBAN SPREE aufspielen werde.

Folgende ist die Fressenbuch-Angelegenheit: https://www.facebook.com/events/575559089170122/

Kommt doch vorbei, wenn ihr sonst nichts zu tun habt…

Quick decisions have led to me playing a gig at URBAN SPREE tonight.

here’s a link to the event on bacefook: https://www.facebook.com/events/575559089170122/

If you feel like coming, please do, I’d be happy to see you around