New Gl0tchKons0le Video!

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I’m pretty amazed with the trippy quasi-feedbacks that can be achieved with a circuit bent PS2 with some games. this one is the first part of a trilogy, next one to be released next week, so stay tuned. Also, I am quite busy both working on some documentation about how to bend it and further down the line produce a „Gl0tchKit“, which will make bending a PS2 at least a little easier than it is at the moment. Which is not easy at all.So yeah. Enjoy


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A while ago, I scanned the videoprints I’ve done during live av performances around 2008-2009. I made them with a printer that connects directtly to a composite video input, which was plugged into the output of my video mixer. Since doing live video is more or less my way of painting (not entirely true: I’m currently making the weirdest paintings, but they’re not quite ready to be published, yet), these are probably the closest things to static paintings I’ve made. At least around that time. There are 74 prints, some of which have been collaborations with Eva Becker.

Of course, with 74 prints, not all of them can be of the same quality, still I like most of them a lot.

Here’s a few of my favourites in no particular order:

I might upload more of them as soon as I have built a proper project page for them.

Gazillion Gazebo

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Usually, I don’t talk publicly about stuff that I just sent out, having no idea how the other side is gonna pick it up. I spent hours and hours today thinking about how to write two sentences. After having actively avoided to think about them for some days. And then it just had to be done. No time, no time.

And here it was. After hours of trying to formulate some farty crap to impress whomever:

The Gazillion Gazebo

Gazillion Gazebo

An audio-visal live performance/installation loosely based on the overflow of information encountered in an urban environment. Operating a laboratory of Warstware (circuit bent video and sound equipment), Simon Schäfer alias der Warst transforms a customary gazebo into both an immersive environment and a vibrant public sculpture.

I really want to do this. Hopefully it’s gonna work…

Video hackspace

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Fabrizio D’Amico from Video Hackspace came over. We talked about doing a visual circuit bending workshop soon. It was very pleasant.

I borrowed a projector and he filmed some of my pictures with his telephone. Then he uploaded them to Youtube. Here they are:

Also, I had a very nice/strange night. More things soon.

Videophone growing

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I finally managed to upload some stuff I recorded with the Videophone (which now also has it’s final name, yay). I’m still building on it like crazy, so there’s lots more to come.

Here’s also a picture of its last stage (it already looks different again, but I am way slower with documenting than I am with building.


I am currently building the screen to the left inside the housing.

Here’s two recordings I’ve made. More to come, soon.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Greencon

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Es wurde anlässlich der in Bonn stattfindenden äh… Weltkonferenz für Biodiversität (oder wie das Ding halt hieß) vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung und dem Naturkundemuseum Bonn ein Schnellfilm-Wettbewerb veranstaltet, an dem sich mir Nahestehende Filmstudenten beteiligten.

Es galt, innerhalb von 40 Stunden einen möglichst guten Film zusammenzukloppen und auf den bereitgestellten Server zu hieven.

Startzeit war 8 Uhr morgens oder so, ich stieß erst gegen 1 Uhr Nachts zum Team um den Ton für Evas Animationssequenzen beizusteuern und blieb dabei bis Schluss war. Alles in allem ein feiner Spaß.

letzten Samstag war dann dann die Vorführung/Siegerehrung in Bonn. Wichtige Leute aus aller Welt schwafelten uns die selben Sprüche vor, die wir halt alle schon seit ewig kennen. Immerhin fand das ganze ja auch unter dem außergewöhnlich fantasievollen Thema „Kurz vor 12“ statt. Die meisten anderen Festivalbeiträge waren dann auch entsprechend. Bei so Betroffenheitsthemen ist ja in der Regel abzusehen, was sich die Leute für kröses Gewäsch aus den Synapsen pressen.

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