ZIXP 2022

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ZIXP Plakaaat

Ich freue mich wie ein Keks, dieses Jahr zu folgenden Zeiten wieder auf dem ZIXP, dem Festival für Leipzigs experimentelle Musikszene zu spielen:


22:30 -23:00 mit dem Elektronik-Konsortium Im ZIMMT, Torgauer Str. 80, 04317 Leipzig


18:00-19:00 Mix&Match mit Hans Arnold in der Krudebude, Stannebeinplatz 13, 04347 Leipzig

21:00-21:30 Live-geschriebene Spielanweisung im ZiMMT

22:30-23:00 Improvisation mit Soundcollage im ZiMMT


18:00-19:00 Mix&Match mit Michi Breitenbach im Hitness Club, Hermann-Liebmann/Eisenbahstr., 04315 Leipzig

Für alle, die nicht kommen können, wird die ganze Veranstaltung auf https://hitness.club/ gestreamt!

ZiXP, dem Festival für Leipzigs experimentelle Musikszene, kommt am 17., 18. und 19. Juni zurück.
Nach unserer Pause im letzten Jahr sind wir mit neuer Energie zurück, um uns und euch ein tiefes Hörvergnügen zu bereiten.
Neben 18 Musikerinnen aus der lokalen Szene, die in verschiedenen Kombinationen spielen werden, stellen 6 lokale Klangkünstlerinnen an 5 Orten im Leipziger Osten aus.
Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch jeden Abend im ZiMMT zu den Konzerten mit großen Ensembles sowie im Hitness Club, Krudebude, Plast und Slug am 18. und 19. zu den Ausstellungen und Konzerten mit kleinen Besetzungen.
Mehr Infos und Reservierung (sehr empfohlen) auf http://www.leipzixp.org

Gazillion Gazebo Video

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Here’s some documentation of the Gazillion Gazebo project. It was a lot fun, even if I expected to freeze off a toe or my arse or something…

Anyways, here it is, and with it a big thank you to the great people of LICHTER Streetview, The Frankfurter Verein für Künstlerhilfe for saving the project financially and Heike for filming. And of course to everyone who was there for being there!

Gazillion Gazebo Aufruf!

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Liebe Frankfurter/Offenbacher/Umfeldianer,

Lichter Streetview

Ich wurde von Lichter Streetview eingeladen, am 22.-23. 3. in der Frankfurter Innenstadt eine neue Performance/Intervention mit dem Namen ‚Gazillion Gazebo‘ zu präsentieren:

An audio-visal live performance/installation loosely based on the overflow of information encountered in an urban environment. Operating a laboratory of Warstware (circuit bent video and sound equipment), Simon Schäfer alias der Warst transforms a customary gazebo into both an immersive environment and a vibrant public sculpture.

Leider haben sich jetzt Probleme ergeben, die es den Lichterleuten leider nicht ermöglichen, mir die erforderliche Technik zur Verfügung zu stellen. Das ist ärgerlich, ich fände es allerdings sehr schade, wenn dadurch die ganze Sache ins Wasser fallen müsste. Also ist DIY angesagt.

Ich brauche für die Realisation des Projektes folgendes:

  • 3 Videoprojektoren, die auf möglichst kurze Distanz ein möglichst großes Bild erzeugen
  • Einen 3×3 Meter großen Gartenpavillon mit 3 Seitenwänden
  • Irgendeine Anlage für den Sound. Muß nix großes sein, weil die Stadt sich sowieso mal wieder lautstärketechnisch ins Höschen macht.

Wenn ihr irgend etwas von der obigen Liste habt, das ich für zwei Nächte ausleihen kann oder irgend jemanden wisst, der mir hier weiterhelfen könnte, möchte ich euch bitten, mir so schnell wie möglich bescheid zu sagen.

Gazillion Gazebo

Simon Says, video

Usually, I don’t talk publicly about stuff that I just sent out, having no idea how the other side is gonna pick it up. I spent hours and hours today thinking about how to write two sentences. After having actively avoided to think about them for some days. And then it just had to be done. No time, no time.

And here it was. After hours of trying to formulate some farty crap to impress whomever:

The Gazillion Gazebo

Gazillion Gazebo

An audio-visal live performance/installation loosely based on the overflow of information encountered in an urban environment. Operating a laboratory of Warstware (circuit bent video and sound equipment), Simon Schäfer alias der Warst transforms a customary gazebo into both an immersive environment and a vibrant public sculpture.

I really want to do this. Hopefully it’s gonna work…

Post Performance Syndrome…

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So there have been a few shows recently. Generally, it feels good to be playing live again. Althought the new setup needs a lot of work until it functions in a way that I want it to. But that’s only my stuff and I didn’t really expect it to work right away. In any case, it would be way less of a problem if it wasn’t for all those fucking annoying PA idiots.

How come so many sound system people are just absolute fucking pussies when it comes to aggressive electronic live music? They bring a completely oversized PA to the venue and play punk bands and breakcore records at deafening volumes, but once I’m on, they shit their pants and turn the levels down to barely audible. Even if I tell them to turn it up about 4 times. Of course then the audience gets annoyed and leaves.


It is so incredibly annoying to have just another performance ruined by some sound guy who just doesn’t fucking get it.

And don’t even get me started about that drugged idiot who thinks he needs to touch my instruments/mixer/whatever.

Yes, I am in a slightly bad mood.

Night shift revisited

Simon Says

It’s been close to a year now since I had the Night Shift show at Simon Oldfield Gallery. Yesterday, I was surprised in a very very nice way by Rebecca Helen Page, who has filmed bits of the performance I’ve done there and uploaded them to Vimeo.

It was quite a noisy performance with very weird sound and I had very short hair at that time.

The desk I had my instruments on was absolutely gorgeous. It felt like my own private TARDIS.


Thanks a lot Rebecca.

of this event I cannot foresee the end

Simon Says

Exciting times!

There’s a show coming up that I’m gonna be in.

Here’s the official blurb:

Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery presents Of this Event, I cannot foresee the end. – video art / video performance / installation

Private view: Thursday 1st March 6-9pm
Exhibition runs 2nd-30th March 2012, Thu-Fri 5-9pm, Sat-Sun 12-5pm

Stour Road, Hackney Wick, E3 2NT London, United Kingdom

The featured artists appropriate approaches from scientists in order to gain insights, accumulate data or choose their observational vantage point. By defining a framework wherein a staged experiment or action can take place, the artists test the boundaries of our earthly existence, everyday life, patterns of social behaviour and virtual reality. A distanced camera perspective witnesses and frames the performance – events with unknown outcome – wherein chance and failure play part. The video works go beyond documentation demanding independence from the prior event and share the element of suspense, surprise and humour.

Memo Akten ● Sophie Clements ● Callum Cooper ● George Eksts ● Kris Emmerson ● Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski ● Santiago Ortega ● Clifford Sage ● David Sherry ● James Stringer ● Anais Tondeur ● Helen Turner ● Pablo Wendel ● der Warst (Simon Schäfer)

Audio-visual performances at the opening night:
der Warst (Simon Schäfer)
Brood Ma (Quantum Natives)
DJ Tesco (Quantum Natives).

Curated by Carmen Billows

The exhibition also marks the second anniversary of Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery. All welcome.


Simon Says

Night Shift

Katy Kirbach & Simon Schäfer

Private View
7 September 2011, 18.30 — 20.30

Exhibition continues to
28 September 2011

Night Shift explores the relationship between painting, sculpture and performance with new work by Simon Schäfer and Katy Kirbach.  

The exhibition examines the tension between the handmade and ready-made; multiplicity and uniqueness; live event and still object; the diurnal and nocturnal.  Night Shift is visually and aurally layered with texture, sound, digital feeds, colour and analogue electronics. 

RSVP ART@SIMONOLDFIELD.COM +44 (0)20 7395 3701