Summersoldering at Mono Shop

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Summer, Sun and Soldering

Tired of no Songs to sing?
Come to Mono, build a Thing!


Mono Shop is going to open its door again for an awesome electronics extravaganza! Regardless if you are a super pro or have never touched a soldering iron in your life, this will be crazy fuuuun!

Mono Shop
Weichselstr. 32
12045 Berlin

What’s on offer:

Build a phonic Taxidermist 47.2b:
designed by
The Phonic Taxidermist 47.2b is a clone of the Maplin voice vandal. It consists of a grungy 10 bit digital delay based around a HT8955A ‚Voice Echo‘ chip, and a high speed audio chopper that strobes incoming audio on and off at four separate frequency bands. The chopping circuit produces effects that sounds similar to a kind of nasty cross modulation or filthy frequency based distortion.
I have 6 boards left, including all the needed parts, so you can build the whole thing and also include some extra mods that I found while building it!

A/V circuit bending:
Bring your toys, we make noise.
You bring some of your gear and I show you all the tricks how you can make it into something all new just by poking around on the circuit board!. So go and hit the fleamarket or your attic/basement for all those things that have been collecting dust for years!
Examples: old Casio Keyboards, Kids Toys, Drum Machines, Video enhancers/processors, Delay pedals, etc…

Answerphone hacking:
I still have a few answering machines lying around that are desperately waiting to be made into superwhack Samplers. Monsterfuuuuun!

Gameboy modding:
Fof all the chiptuners around! I know all the tricks to make your old trusty DMG a whole new beast! Pro Sound Mod, Extra Bass, Pitch mod, Backlight, you name it!

40106 Mini Synth
the 40106 is a chip that you can easily build up to 6 square oscillators out of with a minimal part count. So you can actually design a whole crazy minimal synthesizer out of it..

Phonic Taxidermist 47.2b:
80 € including board, parts, extra parts and knowledge. Please bring your own housing

A/V circuit bending + Answerphone hacking:
30 € per project,
40 € including answering machine (first come first serve)

Gameboy modding:
30€ per Gameboyy

20€ including parts

23. Mai Bended Realities Offenbach

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Diesen Freitag Abend also ergibt es sich, dass anlässlich des dort stattfindenden Bended Realities Festivals ich in Offenbach im Waggon nun mal wieder mich finden werde.

Dort werde ich ausnahmsweise mal nicht alleine, sondern mit dem freundlichen Herrn Inox Kapell zusammen musizieren. Ich empfehle zahlreiches Erscheinen.

This Friday, I will play at the Bended Realities Festival at the Waggon in Offenbach. And it is with a significant amount of pleasure to announce that I will be playing with my longtime friend and musical collaborator Inox Kapell!

Please come and tell your Friends.

Bended Realities

Warstware at Mini Maker Faire

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I will have a Warstware booth at the Elephant&Castle Mini Maker Faire on Saturday 6th of June.

Elephant&Castle MMF

I’ll be around there pretty much all day and at some point, I’m gonna do a performance of sorts (no idea yet when that’s gonna be-will update as soon as I know).
The whole thing will take place in the London College of Communication which obviously is around Elephant & Castle.

Please pop by if you feel like it.

Warstware official

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I decided to make the Warstware site, documenting my endeavours in circuit bending and machine hackery, official. It’s still far from complete and quite messy because I’m slowly getting out of hibernation and projects are piling up, but in my opinion, it’s too nice to keep informal for very much longer. Comments and productive criticism are appreciated.

Here we go:



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A while ago, I scanned the videoprints I’ve done during live av performances around 2008-2009. I made them with a printer that connects directtly to a composite video input, which was plugged into the output of my video mixer. Since doing live video is more or less my way of painting (not entirely true: I’m currently making the weirdest paintings, but they’re not quite ready to be published, yet), these are probably the closest things to static paintings I’ve made. At least around that time. There are 74 prints, some of which have been collaborations with Eva Becker.

Of course, with 74 prints, not all of them can be of the same quality, still I like most of them a lot.

Here’s a few of my favourites in no particular order:

I might upload more of them as soon as I have built a proper project page for them.

Video hackspace

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Fabrizio D’Amico from Video Hackspace came over. We talked about doing a visual circuit bending workshop soon. It was very pleasant.

I borrowed a projector and he filmed some of my pictures with his telephone. Then he uploaded them to Youtube. Here they are:

Also, I had a very nice/strange night. More things soon.

Videophone growing

Art, circuit bending, Simon Says, video

I finally managed to upload some stuff I recorded with the Videophone (which now also has it’s final name, yay). I’m still building on it like crazy, so there’s lots more to come.

Here’s also a picture of its last stage (it already looks different again, but I am way slower with documenting than I am with building.


I am currently building the screen to the left inside the housing.

Here’s two recordings I’ve made. More to come, soon.