Neustarthilfe Modul C

Art, life

Im Frühling hatte ich eine ziemlich nervenaufreibende Phase, in der ich mich auf wirklich jede Förderung bewarb, die ich finden konnte. Davon wurde jeder Antrag abgelehnt. Grsihfa lkfnhwafaw älälksaükf!

Aber offenbar hat es zumindest soviel gebracht, dass ich inzwischen ein bisschen besser bin, Projekte zu formulieren und auch ein bisschen die Kosten zu überblicken.

Das hat sich wohl ausgezahlt, denn heute flatterte mir folgende Email in den Rechnomat:

Förderungsbewilligung Modul C

Laa lalala la lalalaaaa!

Post Performance Syndrome…

Gigs, life, Simon Says

So there have been a few shows recently. Generally, it feels good to be playing live again. Althought the new setup needs a lot of work until it functions in a way that I want it to. But that’s only my stuff and I didn’t really expect it to work right away. In any case, it would be way less of a problem if it wasn’t for all those fucking annoying PA idiots.

How come so many sound system people are just absolute fucking pussies when it comes to aggressive electronic live music? They bring a completely oversized PA to the venue and play punk bands and breakcore records at deafening volumes, but once I’m on, they shit their pants and turn the levels down to barely audible. Even if I tell them to turn it up about 4 times. Of course then the audience gets annoyed and leaves.


It is so incredibly annoying to have just another performance ruined by some sound guy who just doesn’t fucking get it.

And don’t even get me started about that drugged idiot who thinks he needs to touch my instruments/mixer/whatever.

Yes, I am in a slightly bad mood.