3rd Dec: Bitz Of Noise @ Rythm Factory

Gigs, Simon Says

Tomorrow, all comen to the Rythm Factory in Whitechapel, because:

  1. Der Warst is will play for the dancen of all with the weird visualien for in your eyes!
  2. Other musiken playing, too, why not. From 10pm-5am Arschlong night Haha!
  3. Hand Baked arcade there will have much of olden gamen system of video for the playen.
  4. IT FREE!

Rhythm Factory
16-18 Whitechapel Road
London, United Kingdom
E1 1EW

You looken from official Fressenbuch-event:


here the fliegers

You all comen for the dancen! JA JA!

Playing at Shunt London tonight!

Art, Gigs, Simon Says

Surreal Nightmares at Shunt

A weekend of Surreal Nightmares made flesh in performance, installation, photography and music. Shunt, Londons most unique and exciting arts venue and bar, plays host to the extreme, the macabre and the perverse for two nights only.

The concept is to turn The Machine (a three tiered performance space and relic of the industrial revolution) into a fabric of nightmare episodes; all generated by the unconscious mind of one deprave…d indivual (cast as the appalling Robert Spragg).

This figure sleeps on soiled sheets and tosses and turns in a polluted swimming pool dreamscape. He has been given these nightmares by the excessive consumption of tinned ‘all day breakfast’- referencing the seminal piece All Day Breakfast by Richard Crow (Performing a new piece in the Bank space).

Over the course of the weekend a number of 2D works,performances, films and installations will be shown over the Shunt space incorporating the fabric of the machine into the one immersive installation that is The Surreal Nightmare.

Curated by Robin Spalding
Thanks to Robert Spragg


FRIDAY 19th November- 9.30-1.30am Free Entry


  • Antonia Wilson-Punctum
  • Shona Harrison-Taxidermy “funtimes”
  • Charlie Tuesday Gates-DIY Taxidermy


  • Hector de Gregorio-Bosch and Blood projection
  • Jonny Briggs-His mother looking at a wedding dress
  • Tereza Zelenkova-Melting eye Photography
  • Birgit Deubner-Twisted flesh photography


  • Silas Money-A supermarket panic attack
  • Nadine Byrne-Chomping out her teeth caught on camera
  • Lee Adams-Visions of Excess Documentation
  • Dominic Johnson-Performance Documentation

SATURDAY 20th November- 8.30-1.30am £5 Entry


  • 12.30-Der Warst- A Circuit Bending Horror Story
  • 11-12.30-DJ Alan Alda
  • 10.30-Richard Crow- Retro sound performance Lecture
  • 9.30-Rebbecca Diamond and Victor Strauss-Durational Whipping piece
  • 9.00-Martin O Brien-Bodily Remains


  • Charlie Tuesday Winner Gates-Taxidermy Perversions
  • SUKAOFF-Skin-shedding-video-nasty
  • Lee Yaroveski-Erotic Fashion dream
  • Robert Spragg/Robin Spalding/Nick Spalding-Polluted Dreamscape


  • Silas Money-A supermarket panic attack
  • Nadine Byrne-Chomping out her teeth caught on camera
  • Dominic Johnson-Performance Documentation
  • Lee Adams-Monster in the Light of the Labyrinth Documentation

Also including: The Barefoot Disco-ones worst nightmares come to life to the soundtrack of Prince

show at the others

Gigs, Simon Says

Woo, three shows in the near future.

Hier the first one:

Stoke newington

dropout boogie

deranged beats from circuit-bent games consoles

electronic experimentalism from Korea

prolific comic artist / psychedelic magic-weaver

lo-fi un-pop

Thursday 18th November 2010

The Others
6 and 8 Manor Road
N16 5SA



Michael, my squatmate, in some random discussion came up with the word „Sporax“. I thought it was a lovely word, so I entered it into google to see if something called „Sporax“ actually exists.

Here’s the unbelievably specialised information it came up with (taken from http://www.heavymachineryinfo.com):

Sporax Applicator for Feller-Bunchers

Annosum root rot affects conifers throughout the Northern Hemisphere, leading to root rot, windthrow, and ultimately, the death of infected trees.

The fungus Heterobasidion annosum causes annosum root rot. The fungus colonizes readily on freshly cut stumps. Partially cut stands have a high risk of infestation because the fungus can colonize on each of the stumps, potentially leading to the loss of many residual trees.

Wind and rain carry the annosum spores. Spores that land on freshly cut stumps grow down the stump’s root system, where they can infect living trees through root grafts or root contacts.

Once annosum becomes established, it can remain active for many years in the South and for several decades in the North. In the South, the hazard rating for annosum root rot is based on soil type. We conducted our preliminary tests at the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site in South Carolina. Stands of conifers on sandy, well-drained soils there are classified as high hazard.

The primary method of controlling annosum in partially cut stands is by applying Sporax to the stump immediately after cutting. Sporax is a commercial powdered formulation of borax. Its primary active ingredient is boron. USDA Forest Service engineers have devised an applicator system that attaches to a feller-buncher, allowing the operator to treat the stump immediately after the tree has been cut.

The applicator uses an air compressor located behind the feller-buncher’s cab. A hopper holds the Sporax. A mechanism in the hopper controls the amount of powder being applied. Compressed air delivers the Sporax powder to a nozzle behind the cutting head.

The modular design allows timber purchasers to adapt the applicator to virtually any feller-buncher. During timber harvest, the operator cuts the tree, positions the nozzle of the applicator over the stump and activates the system, applying Sporax to the tree stump.


The system was tested in September 1997 on a 9-acre tract and again in May 1998 on a 29-acre tract. After treatment with borax, stumps retained enough boron to prevent annosum root rot.


Also, there’s Sporax: the Game